Virtual Assistant Service

Stress out with your busy schedule today and can not complete your work on time? Our virtual assistant service is like your personal secretary that we can help you manage your works and errands, such as booking travels, sending reminders, mailing out greeting cards, reformating your work documents, typing and many other more  that you run online via your computers or anything that can be managed remotely or by third parties. Subscribe to our services below or contact us for your needs. 

1 年 Wordpress 網路託管與免費安裝和遷移
Wordpress 網路託管與免費安裝和遷移 需要從現有供應商切換到可靠的 Web 託管伺服器,或者您只是想玩 Wordpress 網路託管?我們可以幫忙我們提供1年文字新聞託管與10個電子郵件帳戶與免費安裝或免費遷移。購買后,我們將向您郵寄您的帳戶資訊。 滿意保證。 如果您對我們的服務不滿意,您可以在服務的頭 30 天內申請退款。您將獲得100%的總退款。否則將不授予取消。 What Service Will You Get 伺服器環境 ..
Using classic asp script based shopping cart written by Candypress and need repair or customization service? We can help. The service is provided for fixing any script problems and security issues. For custom modules or api connection to payment gate..
This service will convert your mssql or mysql database, ms access tables, csv file or excel files into double quoted csv file. The service is provided based on per table or per sheet if you are using excel files. ..
Want to sell on shopify and don't know how to handle your existing data? We are experienced web programmer who can help you to migrate your website to shopify. ..
Integrate paypal checkout with payment smart payment button on your classic asp websites.System Requirement:You will need to be able to configure your own server for your domain outbound SSL. ..
$250.00/Per Installation
We will remove the background of your product images so that you can use it for your catalog design and prints. The price is based on per product. Upon receiving your order, you will either upload the images to your server or our file server.&nb..
Moving your website to another hosting company? We can help. We will assist you to move your website to your new host and function properly.This service is based on per domain. You will have to provide your new and old host login so that we can compl..
$50.00/Per Installation
eShop Verified virtual assistant for word formatting service will make your word document like a professional publication. Satisfaction guarantee. We can put your logo and company information on the word document and make it look professional. P..
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